It would be nice to have a mail address to send messages to that are then 'automagically' added to a Trello list on a specified board. So it could be used for some sort of issue tracking.

Is it / will it be possible somehow?


You can do this for free with this Zap via Zapier.

Email to Trello

Disclosure: I am on of the founders at Zapier, but I use this on a daily basis and would even if I wasn't the founder. :)

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Yes this is possible with a tool like Emello.

Send your email straight to Trello with Emello. You get dedicated custom email addresses for each of your Trello boards. Start sending email to Trello today.

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This is now a feature in trello. Just click on "Email-to-board Settings".


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I ended up using Gmail to Trello Chrome extension, working good and easy to use.

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