I have a search that I use to quickly delete some regular messages that I receive from a monitoring system, but some of them I want to keep.

Because the subjects are all the same they all appear within the same conversation threads.

If I turn off threading temporarily, then the search results show just the messages I want to delete and then I can select-all and delete, leaving just the ones I need to devote special attention to.

I love the conversation threads and don't want to lose that permanently and find it a bore having to turn them off through the settings and then back on again afterwards.

What would be great is to either have a special tag that goes in the search or a different URL (like the basic HTML view) which would disable the conversation thread view just for that search.

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Not specifically the solution you were looking for, but you can delete individual messages from a threaded conversation. You just need to use the message menu rather than the global delete button.

Gmail message menu


What you need to do here is: view and delete the messages using Mobile version of GMail

It will also open in your Computer.

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