I have many documents stored on Google Docs as text or spreadsheets.

In many of them I put little "todo: something notes"

I would like to search though them and see a list somewhere

Is that possible? Is there an iGoogle gadget, or desktop application, or website, or feature on Google that I have not noticed.

Currently Google supports search docs via GMail, and from docs, but doesn't show search results previews. ie I want to see the content of the todo in the result. eg

search results;

MyBigDoc, todo: get out of bed
MySpreadsheet, todo: make some money

I had a look at the Google docs API and its pretty clear that this would be possible usnig a docs gadget or an iGoogle widget, or even a desktop app.


You can simply just type "todo:" in the Google Docs search box. that will list all documents of all types that have "todo:" in them.

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    This solution doesn't show the context of the search result (e.g., todo: get out of bed in their example). Instead, they're getting opaque document titles.
    – emallove
    Oct 23 '18 at 17:15

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