Is there a way to mark a card as done without moving it to a list named "done"? I'd like to keep the card in the list but show that it is done.

We love using Trello. I am using it with a bunch of pastors to develop and project manage the work for weekly messages.

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    I have a new list called "Done - Requires Checking" and move anything to that list, until it's actually formally checked by whoever needs to approve the job as completed.
    – Layke
    Jan 26, 2016 at 10:32

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Trello doesn't have a predefined way to mark a card as done, but you could certainly name a label "Done" and apply it to cards that you have completed.

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    It still makes the date display in red after the due date.
    – tymtam
    Apr 19, 2016 at 0:55

Trello has recently added this feature to mark a card done by clicking on due date and it does turn green.


No more moving cards into done list or labeling it done.

If you add a due date to a card, once the task is completed you can now check it off on the card, changing it from a stress-inducing red to a soothing green color. Ahh, the satisfaction.

enter image description here

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    is possible without adding a due date?
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    Oct 2020 and you still must have a due date to do this.. How can basic functionality like this still not be there!??
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    Oct 31, 2020 at 0:52

If a card has a due date, placing in a different list or changing the label won't disable alerts as the date approaches and passes. Removing the date is a workaround, but one that obviously prevents future analysis on actual vs. target dates.

An ideal solution would provide the desired status and disable due date notifications.


You could colour code that card with all of the colours to signify its completion.


Add a checklist (as little as a single item: "done"), then mark the card as done in the checklist. The card will visually display in green a checkmark for the checklist.


Unfortunately you can't but i would like that too. I normally have 3 main lists - To do, Doing & Done. I then move the cards around as needed.


There is also a Chrome Extension for this called Trello Tasks that can be toggled on/off by board.


You can use stickers. The default stickers includes a checkmark which I use to mark things as done. It may be a little bit big, but it stays in the list and doesn't move around your card.


I too like to have due dates acknowledged and see in my lists which tasks have been completed and which are still left to do.

I quickly worked out that this was not going to be possible in Trello. So I have created a Completed Tasks list, and when I transfer a completed task to this list I change the due date to the date I completed the task. Not ideal, but it does help me with tracking how many tasks I get through each day. Because I also use the labels, I can see how many tasks in each group I get through each day.

Maybe in future editions of Trello this element might be improved.


I have been using the Power-Up called Butler to automate my interaction with Trello. I have one that when I flag a card with a green label, it sets the card as done and move it to the archive folder. You can create an intermediate step to move the card to a temporary folder, for instance when you apply a given tag. After that, when finished, use another automation like mine.

This Power-Up is very easy to use and extremely convenient.


[SOLVED] I could do it. You can go to the Butler automations screen and add a new Rule You will get rule suggestions like this: when a card is added to list "Done" by anyone mark the due date as complete

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Instead of, or in addition to, the color label, you could change the card title from "abc xyz" to "Done - abc xyz" or any other keyword of your choice.

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