Some observations first:

When you are in Month View in Google Calendar and enter an event name in the pop-up, it will be created as a whole-day event.

OTOH, if you enter the event name like "19:15 Foo" or "14-16 bar", then Google Calendar will be smart enough to create the event with correct time (and remove the hours from the name itself). Cool - significantly removes the clicks needed to add something.

My question: What more can be done this way? Can I easily add an event with auto-repeat, for example? What else?

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The Quick Add parser is pretty powerful.

  • Include a location by using "at" and a non-time value: Lunch noon tomorrow at Luigi's Pizza
  • Set recurring events: Conference call 10am every Tuesday for 11 weeks

Take a look here for more examples: Google Support: Create an Event


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