In Google Maps, how can I have a place-marker appear for a place by using only it's coordinates?

The short code I'm currently using is:

[map lat="46.090271" long="6.657248" zoom="9" type="" width="670" height="350"]

If I could enter an address, I would be able to use the following shortcode to add a placeholder:

[map lat="46.090271" long="6.657248" zoom="9" type="" width="670" height="350" address="morillon, france"]

But I really need a more specific location to pinpoint the chalet itself.

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

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You can use description (name) @46.090271,6.657248 as the address.


As nick says, you can just put it into URL.

However, if you need to insert multiple coordinates (as opposed to a single location), you have to use some online mapping tool, for example http://www.hamstermap.com and then choose Quick Map from the menu.

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