Can you specify qualifier and delimiter characters when exporting from Google Docs?

Right now, when I go to a spreadsheet and do File » Download As, it downloads something that is comma delimited and has no qualifier.

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You cannot specify the qualifier, but you have a choice of delimiter: comma or tab.

If you download as CSV, you get a comma-delimited file. If you download as text, you get a tab-delimited file.


My solution for this was to

  1. Download as .ods (for Open Office)
  2. Open in Open Office Calc
  3. Click FileSave As
  4. There you can specify you want CSV format
  5. Last dialog lets you select the delimiter you want to use

As of 2022-10-28, if you are downloading manually, you can specify different formats (csv, tsv, ...)

enter image description here

If you are publishing (making public / sharing) the document, you will get a link like


If you change csv for tsv you get a tsv file.


Same for html.

I don't know any other way to specify the kind of output / delimiter.


I haven't seen any option for delimiting on Google Docs other than selecting the cell(s) containing the data and:

Data -> Split Text To Columns

There should be a small dropdown menu that pops up to specify the delimiter. However I think if you are uploading a CSV, it automatically separates the data (as much as it can) using commas.

Select Split Text To Columns from the Data Menu: enter image description here Delimiter Selector:


  • I think you're answering how to Import or Split data INTO Google Sheets (or alongside existing sheets). The question is about exporting from Google Sheets into a text file. Though your answer was insightful on its own, it doesn't answer this question.
    – Suamere
    Jun 29, 2023 at 13:58

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