Sometimes I work on a bus or in places, where I can't use internet.

Is there a way to use Trello offline?

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As of January 27 2017, the Trello app for iOS and Android now works offline natively.

Different locales are seeing this roll out in a staggered manner but it should be available to you soon if it isn't already.

  • There's Focus|Project for Trello, a small app I'm developing that offers some read-only offline functionality now (2021 Q3) . Win 10+ and Linux are supported. Please see f-p.app/snapshots.html or f-p.app/gallery.html. (Sorry I can only comment at this point :) )
    – brezniczky
    Commented Nov 17, 2021 at 20:16

There is currently no way to use Trello offline.

However, if you do go offline, Trello will inform you and will update your board when you're back online.

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    are there any plans to support this. This is a big blocker. Nothing worse than having a perfect list to only realize that you can't see it because internet connection is down
    – leora
    Commented Nov 20, 2011 at 12:58
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    Leora, you can try the iPhone app, which stores your data offline. Adding offline support creates a lot of complexity (for both developers and users). User interfaces for merge conflicts are never simple. It's not out of the question, but it won't be coming in the near future. Commented Nov 20, 2011 at 18:36
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    i have the iphone app but i don't see any offline data. when i try to open when i am offline, the app is basically useless. do i have an old version possibly?
    – leora
    Commented Nov 20, 2011 at 22:43
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    It should have the data from the last time you synced. However, it will only sync data from cards you have opened, not just cards you've seen in the list. For performance and bandwidth reasons, it doesn't load all the card data at once. Commented Nov 22, 2011 at 21:38
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    is there a way to take a snapshot and/or download all the boards?
    – cwd
    Commented Oct 10, 2012 at 20:17

As of July 2015, (question asked back in 2011) you still (!) can't do much offline beyond see lists of cards, but:

  • The Android app now (since 27th May 2015) has "Offline Support" in its "Working on" section (with a whopping 3122 votes - follow the link to vote and encourage them on). But don't get your hopes up, because here is what they say about it:

Yes, we are working on this. We have a plan on what we need to do. It's a big project and it will be a long while before we have something to show you.

  • For the iOS app, "Edit while offline" has been in the "Todo" category since August 2013 (with an impressive 1543 votes - follow the link to vote and encourage them on). However, the following are apparently already supported offline:

You can currently:

  • create cards while offline
  • add comments while offline
  • upload attachments while offline
  • view cached boards while offline

We are working on expanding this. We have a plan on what we need to do. It's a big project and it will be a long while before we have something to show you.

  • There's also a Windows 8 app. However, I can't find an equivalent status board, and here's what one reviewer ("0035", 7/15/2015, can't link to review) says about using it offline:

...unfortunately, other than viewing my lists, I can't do anything [while offline] without it falling apart.

Any editing to my board (e.g. adding a list, adding a card , editing card details) is usually not registered and, in some cases, causes the app to crash.


For the desktop users: I am working on something that may help (Linux/Windows users for now)

It's called Focus|Project for Trello it's still in development (long story :) ) but I also am a user (on Ubuntu).

See https://f-p.app

It is not meant to be a replacement for Trello at all, but an addition: expect a "single card + list grid view" rather than a board or timeline.

Do expect past board data + a growing offline mode, image editing, dark UI and a battery-friendly nature rather than collaboration, chat, power-ups & animations.

Entering Offline Mode in Focus|Project for Trello

Feature-wise it might be more or less used to bridge an hour or two of a journey or unexpected outage, assuming the project planning part is mostly already done (eg. card members cannot be edited yet) and the app is in regular (not necessarily continuous) use - i.e. can update.

There are silly mistakes/bugs at this point, partly as I have been going for prototyping features for a while to see if things will work - I think it's soon ready to aim for a bit more seriousness again.

For now, I suppose it's better than nothing - do feel free to

  1. Try! (of course)

  2. Let me know your biggest pain point (only one please! I am snowed under ... I can't help spotting problems myself :) if there's visible interest - there's development I guess)

  3. Show interest (but not be too hard - e.g. you may need to restart it after going back online to see the changes)

  4. Grab a license (on Win), whether free, or even - somewhat speculatively - a pro and thereby support development

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