I have a really large table and I need to add it to a portrait document. Is there any way to make a single page landscape in Google Docs?

In Word you could add a "Section break" and do that. But I'm working on a document with my friend and I can't just use Word.

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    Not that I can see sorry buddy, I'm looking for the same solution. Source: groups.google.com/a/googleproductforums.com/forum/…
    – user17755
    Mar 1, 2012 at 3:12
  • Have you found a work-a-round in the meantime or solution?
    – Jacob Jan
    Feb 16, 2013 at 20:19
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    I use Google docs for its collaborative writing really. What I do is work with a draft version in Google docs and then export to word. There's no real solution. Sad really, I wish they could work to improve it, it's been really horrible so far in everything except collaboration.
    – David
    Feb 16, 2013 at 23:38
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    Of course. You insert a section break and change the orientation.
    – David
    Feb 17, 2013 at 11:17
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    You can upvote the feature request here.
    – orschiro
    Jul 6, 2015 at 12:09

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Currently a single Google Document can only be either Landscape or Portrait not both. Changing page orientation is done by selecting File and then Page setup... Page Setup popup

It is currently recommended to separate the Landscape and Portrait pages into different documents.

A good place to get more information that might help is at Google Products Forums.

Note: An additional option might be to have three files in Google Docs. The Portrait, The Landscape, and Microsoft Word Doc which integrates the two layouts into the correct sequence (this document would be Read Only when viewed in Google Docs).

A Microsoft Word document may allow multiple orientations of the Page Layout, but if it is converted to a Google Document the Page Layout for each page will revert to the first Orientation found in the document.

Also, creating multiple Orientations in Word isn't as straight forward as one might want either.

For those wanting to do this in Word: Use portrait and landscape orientation in the same document

  1. Select the pages or paragraphs that you want to change to portrait or landscape orientation.
    NOTE If you select some but not all of the text on a page to change to portrait or landscape orientation, Word places the selected text on its own page, and the surrounding text on separate pages.

  2. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Margins. Page Setup group

  3. Click Custom Margins. (This is the important part)

  4. On the Margins tab, click Portrait or Landscape.

  5. In the Apply to list, click Selected text.. enter image description here

    NOTE Microsoft Word automatically inserts section breaks before and after the text that has the new page orientation. If your document is already divided into sections, you can click in a section (or select multiple sections), and then change the orientation for only the sections that you select.

  • Is it possible to change from portrait mode to landscape mode using CLI ( command line interface)? Jan 31, 2017 at 12:52
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    It is a bummer that this is the correct answer. There is no way to do it. Jul 14, 2017 at 18:06
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    It seems like Google's closer to making this happen. There are sections now, and you can do page setup for different sections. But at the time I'm commenting, on the "whole document" section will allow changing page orientation. Feb 19, 2020 at 17:42
  • Still unable to have different orientation in one document, a year later ...
    – kenchew
    Mar 17, 2020 at 18:48
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    This is not the answer! see @blami answer below..
    – bashizip
    May 18, 2021 at 14:09

Updating this as it recently become possible to rotate sections and thus also individual pages in Google Docs.

There are two ways how to change orientation of just a single page in the document:

  1. On page that already exists and which you want to change orientation of select something and go to File -> Page Setup and you should see selection box Apply to. Here select Selected content and choose desired orientation.

  2. This option is very similar to MS Word and allows to change properties of entire section. Create section break starting on new page Insert -> Break -> Section Break (Next Page). Then you can use Format -> Page Orientation or File -> Page Setup and choose section you've just created in the Apply to selection box. Choose desired orientation.

First option basically does same thing as second, behind scenes creates a new section and then applies orientation for that section.

If you don't see options above (particularly Apply to selection box) it might be because you are using corporate Google Workspaces/Apps with conservative new feature rollout policy and this feature wasn't rolled out to you yet. I tested above successfully on bare GMail account.

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    This is the correct answer to the OP.
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    Jan 19, 2021 at 15:50
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    I hope people find this one
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On the navigation bar at the top of the page where you have 'File, Edit, View, Insert etc' there is a tab called 'Help'. Type into that tab 'Page setup' and it will bring right away the options box which you can manipulate whichever way you like.

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    As pointed out elsewhere, Page Setup sets the orientation for the entire document, not just a single page. "Page Setup" is located in the File menu; that you can also reach it from searching in Help is just a convenience.
    – ale
    Feb 19, 2017 at 3:21

Just go to page setup and type your dimensions (portrait: 8.5 by 11)


All you have to do is go to file, page setup, and then go to landscape.

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    This rotates every page to landscape, if I'm not mistaken. Mar 19, 2015 at 13:45
  • @Vidar: Indeed it does. There is not currently a way to have pages with different orientation in a single Google Doc.
    – ale
    Oct 14, 2016 at 12:26

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