I'm looking into creating a Google Docs "drawing" for the purpose of creating a basic UML diagram (without arrows, just lines) while collaborating with others. The problem I am having is that I can create

  • a box without text (shapes/box_image from dropdown menu)
  • text without a box (from the 'text box' menu (perhaps a misnomer))

However, I need text with a box.

If this is not possible with Google Docs, I would consider another collaborative method for creating UML diagrams. Google Docs is really best though because we already share many Google documents.

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  1. Go to Google Docs
  2. Click Create
  3. Choose Drawing
  4. Click on the Shape icon
  5. Choose your shape enter image description here
  6. Draw your shape
  7. Click right on your shape
  8. Click Edit text... enter image description here
  9. Enter your text enter image description here
  10. Click Enter
    enter image description here

Double click on your shape and a text box will pop up. You can enter text in that box that shows on the shape after you click off it.


We have an example of our developer library that integrates with drive (was docs) and has UML support. It's not commercial and there's no support, but people seem to be using it happily enough.

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