I can't figure out how I can search the subset of books available for lending. Amazon's website search appears to only have a "Kindle Store" option. And on this help page I can see how one can determine whether a given book is available for lending, but there's no instructions on how to search only in the subset of lendable books. Is there anyway to search for these books on Amazon?

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I've been filtering my book searches by Kindle Edition and Prime Eligible and, so far, the search results have all been available in lending library.

The filters appear on the left sidebar after you search in the Books department.

For example, to see the filters, select Books under All Departments in the Search drop-down list at the top of the Amazon home page. Enter some search terms and click the GO button or just click the GO button without any search terms.

Then select the Kindle Edition and Prime Eligible checkbox filter options located down along the left side of the page. Note that you have to have signed-up for Prime Eligible membership to see this filter option.

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