I have exported a list of profile IDs I've been following on Google Reader. Is it possible to import them as a circle in Google+?


Nicolla Barozzi answered this on Quora:

Get your reader friends back - Obtain one circle from your old Google Reader interface

  • Go to the import/export page Google let you to get a JSON file with the people you followed (following.json) and with the people were following you (followers.json). The link is here and download the two last ones that you see in the following image to your computer enter image description here
  • Create a "Reader" Circle (or similar name) in Google+ so you can import these contacts in it.
  • If you use Google Chrome, there is an extension that it is very useful. You will obtain from this page a series of profiles links to G+ for those people. The extension Circle+ (Link to Chrome Store) will be able to add all those links automagically to any circle you have in G+. If you don't use Chrome you can follow all the links one by one to add them to a G+ circle, so I encourage you to download Google Chrome and Circle+

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