There are a lot of really stupid/trolly/fake videos on YouTube. I'd like to blacklist them forever when I see them, so I don't accidentally click on them in the future, and sometimes block the uploader, too, to avoid others in the same vein. Is there any way to do this? Greasemonkey script? Adblock? Firefox extension? Proxy site for Youtube?

Something like BlockSite would be good, in that it disables hyperlinks to specific URLs, but ideally, it would hide everything related to those videos, thumbnails, etc., not just disable the links. Also, last time I tried it, BlockSite was buggy.


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There is no way to block a video within YouTube. You can block a user though by navigating to the users profile and clicking block user.

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    Blocking a user does not seem to hide their videos
    – endolith
    Nov 8, 2011 at 14:50

if you're a firefox user, there's an add-on called youtube ratings preview. it shows the percentage of ratings on both search results and recommended videos on video page, but not on 'load more suggestions' results.

not the ideal i guess, but it helps.

  • This doesn't solve my problem, but I upvoted it because it at least helps with it.
    – endolith
    Sep 26, 2013 at 20:12
  • Add this Chrome / Firefox extension to your browser:
  • Find stupid video
  • Right-click on the video title
  • Select Block videos from this channel


  • Right after you can see that video disappeared from the list:


  • Upon clicking the icon you can enter options or quickly add new blocking rules

  • You can block whole channels, all videos of the channel or sets of videos... also you can block keywords, comments or video titles... regex expressions are also supported as well as password protection or exporting/importing rules even synchronization
  • Unfortunately this doesn't work anymore
    – endolith
    Jul 12, 2020 at 15:02

Perhaps this might help: http://userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/156278.html

This script removes youtube users you choose from appearing in:

  • Recommended Channels tab

  • Recommended/related videos

  • Search results

  • My subscriptions/What to watch (if someone you are subscribed to likes/favorites a video from them)


I just discovered that YouTube has this built-in now! Next to a video there are three dots, if you click them, you get this menu:

Screenshot of YouTube video menu:
Add to queue
Save to Watch later
Save to playlist
Not interested
Don't recommend channel

If you click "Not interested" it shows this:

Screenshot of YouTube video message:
Video removed

and then if you click "tell us why" you can block recommendations based on a video you watched:

Screenshot of YouTube video menu:
Tell us why
I've already watched the video
I don't like the video
I'm not interested in recommendations based on:

If you click "Don't recommend channel" it shows this:

Screenshot of YouTube video message:
We won't recommend videos from this channel to you again

  • and since Video Blocker add-no no longer works, and this is available to everyone, I will change this to the accepted answer
    – endolith
    Jul 19, 2020 at 16:25

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