I know that one can list users by most karma but this is not very useful to show those with great commentary. For example, Joel Spolsky has an average of 27.27 yet is not on the leader board because his karma is not high enough. As a matter of fact not even Paul Graham is on the list.

I am assuming that based on incremental privileges one gets with karma (for example the ability to downvote) one will reach a stage where this feature (list of users sorted by average) will be available.


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They stopped showing average karma because it was gamed by some users.

I reached out to Daniel from Hacker News, for comment;

We used to display average karma but some users were gaming this by deleting all their comments that didn't get upvoted. I'm not sure the number is that meaningful.

PG never was on the leader board because he specifically exempted himself from it.

I agree with you that the list of leaders by most karma is pretty useless and the only reason we haven't change it is that I'm not sure what to replace it with.

Daniel (dang)

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