Various users on our trello board are using the convention of @username to attempt to send me messages. But the convention does not work. I never receive a notification.

Is there some usage convention we need to consider as in should the reference appear after some other text in the comment?


I've never heard of Trello having this feature, and it is not mentioned in the Trello user guide.

I think that Trello just doesn't have this functionality. It's a nice idea, though: you could email it as a suggestion to: feature-ideas@trello.com

Having said that, in general Trello tries to minimise the amount of email it sends. So if you used the system soon after a change was made, you likely wouldn't get a notification anyway. See the recent On Email Notifications blog for recent info on email in Trello.

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You could always mention someone by first name or last name (e.g. @george or @rasch).

Now that the card for @username mentions is live, you can mention them using @username as well.

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