In Gmail, I have some hierarchical labels:


I want to make C a top-level label, but can only find a way to rename it in its current position in the hierarchy or introduce a new hierarchical level.

I suppose I could apply a new label to all the mails in C, then remove the old hierarchical label, then rename the new label, but I wonder if I'm overlooking a more direct way?

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  1. Go to Mail settings
  2. Go to Labels
  3. Search the label you want to un-nest
  4. Click on the Edit link in the right side enter image description here
  5. Uncheck Nest label under: enter image description here
  6. Click Save
  • This doesn't work any more. I receive an error "The label name you have chosen already exists. Please try another name:" Dec 6, 2023 at 14:55

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