Once in a while I bump into an antiquated bureaucratic process that requires sending or receiving a fax. Back in the dialup days I was glad that I no longer needed a fax machine to send and receive faxes. However, I no longer have a land line so I end up having to pay an office supply store or a print shop for faxing services. Google Voice has been very useful for voice calls, however I was disappointed to find that it has no official support for sending or receiving faxes.

Here is some information that may help find a solution:

I know there are many sites that provide faxing services for a fee, however I want to consider solutions using Google Voice. I was starting to think of a virtual dialup modem that somehow used Google Voice, but would rather read your suggestions of an existing solution or a simpler approach.

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I use my ObiHai paired to my Google Voice account.

I have my fax machine on line #2 and my home phones on line #1, on the ObiHai. The ObiHai detects when a fax comes in and sends it to line #2 and voice is line #1. Simple and effective.


One method might be to use an Obihai 110, connect it to a modem on your computer, and use a computer faxing program or a built-in fax service (Windows). This CNET article has some interesting info. This PBX in a Flash forum post is also interesting.


I thought I was stuck until I discovered a feature of GV called 'temporary call forwarding' and paired that with some inspiration from Rupert Murdoch and the infamous voicemail hacking scandal by Called-ID spoofing my own fax number!

About 'temporary call forwarding' GV allows you to setup 'temporary call forwarding' for instances when you are on vacation, staying at a friends house, etc. To set this up, you do not need to verify the telephone number. You only need to call your GV number and access the settings menu using your PIN.


About Caller-ID spoofing In short, it allows you to display any number on a caller-ID regardless of where the call is actually coming from.


How to Do it:

  1. Get a GV # if you don't already have one: https://www.google.com/voice

  2. Configure a PIN so you can access the GV settings via phone under the Voicemail & Text tab:

see the following helpful blog for more info



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