I am trying to find recent images (e.g not older than 1 year) using a specific search term.

Is it possible specify a date range when using Google Images Search?

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Yes, it is possible by URL Tweaking.

Google’s image search feature includes an option to sort images by date. The default options in Google’s left-hand menu only cover results from the past week, but you can get additional results by tinkering with the search URL.

Google Operating System notes that by clicking the ‘past week’ URL and editing the section that says qdr:w, you can get other ranges. Options you can include:

  • qdr:h – Past hour
  • qdr:hn – Past n hours (e.g. qdr:h2 for past 2 hours)
  • qdr:d – Past day
  • qdr:dn – Past n days
  • qdr:w – Past week
  • qdr:wn – Past n weeks
  • qdr:m – Past month
  • qdr:mn – Past n months
  • qdr:y – Past year
  • qdr:yn – Past n years

While searching by date can be useful, it isn’t infallible. Google often uses the content surrounding an image when determining the date, so an older image will show up at the top of the list if it’s been featured in a recent news story or blog post.

Source: LifeHacker

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