Since the change in Gmail's interface, I've noticed that the Gadgets I use have disappeared. When I tried to expand Gmail's sidebar there were no line with three dots to grab and today I couldn't attach a file, so I tried in Firefox. In Firefox, I found the Gadgets, the line to expand the sidebar and I could attach a file. I've disabled every extension and script in my Chrome but these problems persist. Someone else is having similar problems? There's anything I can do to have, at least, my Gadgets again in Chrome?

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Make sure that you are using the latest stable build. The beta version may have issues with certain features. Also I would advise trying to clear your cache and cookies in Chrome and try again and see if the problem still exists.


Browser extensions may be causing the crashes.

I disabled snip.it and yesware and the crashing stopped.

You might wanna do the same. Just disable extensions that might be related to Gmail.

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