Blogger is heavy with <data:xxx.xxx/> styled XHTML, but how do you find the XHTML code for the links you place into the "Enclosure Links" field on the New Posts page?
I haven't tried any yet, but I don't see anything that resembles it neither, scrolling through the source code itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could be <data:enclosure.url>?

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To embed “Enclosure Links” value, the conditional tag is <data:enclosure.url />.

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    Please put in a bit more effort to make your post count! Why, how, references, screenshots. Just so, that it doesn't look like a oneliner.....
    – Jacob Jan
    Commented Mar 27, 2014 at 5:20
  • there is no more details about it. The codes i provided is from Blogger / Google. They didn't provided documentation about it also on internet. I just found it randomly from certain default Blogger Template. It was direct to the point of question. Commented May 25, 2017 at 17:54

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