Is there any good regex webapps out there?

I'd like to be able to set which type of regex syntax is used, enter some text and a regex and get matches highlighted. Preferably with different colors so it's easy to detect what in the regex is causing the match.


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    +1 for regexpal - using it for more than 6 years or so...
    – mbrochh
    Commented Jul 8, 2010 at 10:11
  • its hard to see for which of your given options people are now voting ...
    – akira
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  • strfriend.com is no more
    – Eric
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http://gskinner.com/RegExr is good.


I use the RegexTester to do this, the site is pretty simple and does just what you ask.


I've always used regexlib.com (here is their testing page, they even have a silverlight engine in there which is quite cool). They also have a great library of regexes that people have submitted.


Includes visualizer for the pipes and colored visualizer for the test text matches.

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reAnimator is a great regular expression visualizer. It helped me optimize some tricky regexes.

Update: Sorry, dead link. The closest thing I could find was this FSM simulator.

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