I can't find the status manager (or subscription manager?) on Facebook. I know I can unsubscribe from status updates on the News Feed, but it is very slow.

Anyone knows where is this status manager?

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There is no way to selectively bulk unsubscribe from status updates ("Hide Story").

When you hide a story the following notice appears

Hiding a story from the App Store

Then if you hide all posts from the user/page in question will no longer appear in your News Feed.

You can however use the Subscriptions page to change your subscriptions of users and friends


Where yourusername is the username to link to your profile.

And your friend subscriptions are at


You can reach these links also via your profile (under your cover photo)

Link on the far right goes to the subscriptions and other pages

Subscriptions Shown

  • facebook.com/yourusername/subscribedto --> this is exactly what I searched, thanks a lot! It is well hidden...
    – user66638
    Commented Jan 10, 2012 at 20:54

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