I would love to ask the Help page this question but I cannot find where I can submit a question. I only see "frequently asked questions". Anyway, dear Facebook gurus, how can I download my videos back off of Facebook. I have some I want to save and I cannot figure out how to retrieve them. Very important. Please help.


I used this website to download Facebook videos.

But then I found this userscript. Install it and you can download videos right off from Facebook. No need to copy and past URLs anywhere. Pretty handy.


Give this resource a try: http://www.downfacebook.com/

I have not tested it yet but it looks promising.


You can use the below link to download your Facebook videos:
Facebook Video Downloader Facebook Private Video Downloader

By using the above tool you can also download Facebook private videos. This is the tool I been using since a long time without any issues.

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