I'd like to migrate my content from Delicious from Evernote. Is that possible?


Evernote used to offer this functionality, but they've since discontinued it.

A third-party web application, Delicious to Evernote, now offers this functionality, but only imports 1000 bookmarks and sometimes errors with Error processing : Exception of type 'Evernote.EDAM.Error.EDAMUserException' was thrown. Also note that you need to trust this developer with your private information to use it.

Someone else offers instructions on how to do this manually using the Delicious API to export, a JavaScript-based translator, and the Evernote desktop app's import feature, but not everyone has been able to make this solution work for them.

For new bookmarks, it is possible to replicate them on Evernote using ifttt.com.


I just had to do this (unfortunate degredation of Delicious over the years forces it) and since several of the tools online no longer work, I found Evernicious, which is a Mac OSX solution and it worked great:


You don't have to trust anyone with your bookmarks as in the other answer, as they never leave your machine.

This looks like another method but I wanted separate notes for my 1000+ delicious bookmarks:


Hope this helps!



I figured out a way, piecing together different parts of the puzzle.

Create a recipe using IFTTT, here's mine: https://ifttt.com/recipes/87796

Export your bookmarks from Delicious here: https://delicious.com/settings/sources

Then import the same exact .html file, in the same place on Delicious (link above).

When importing, make sure you add the tag "evernote".


Note: you'll create duplicates in Delicious, but I'm abandoning the account so I don't care. Also, you could just then delete all notes with the tag "evernote" if you want.

  • Delicious disabled their import feature. export.delicious.com/settings/bookmarks/import now says "Bulk importing bookmarks from a flat file is currently not supported on Delicious.com. We recommend looking into third-party providers using the Delicious API, such as IFTTT, Buffer, and many more, to import your links.". Unfortunately, that is what I got from the 'New' delicious in April 2014, because the 'Old' delicious is going away. – Stefan Lasiewski Apr 7 '14 at 3:41

I have used this solution succesfully. Follow the instructions in the link below http://dr-palaniraja.blogspot.com/2010/12/import-delicious-bookmarks-to-evernote.html

Make sure you read Windows specific workaround if you are on Windows. Also, if you have more than 1000 bookmarks append ?results=100000 to the delicious URL. Delicious API docs

If you happen to get "invalid title" error, check your Evernote import file for empty <title></title> tags, and put something in.

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