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Recommendation for a web app to track Time, like a Time Clock at work?

I'm looking for something very simple to help me track hours for projects I'm doing for clients. I've been using Toggl.com but their reporting seems pretty hard to export into anything meaningful.


Rescue Time has automatic monitoring (windows) and project management links.


I liked ClockingIt pretty much as long as I used it. It is free, you can host it yourself if you want:

  • no restrictions or limits
  • one-click time tracking
  • clean and out of the way interface
  • interactive gantt chart & scheduling
  • flexible reporting
  • multiple ways to communicate
  • tracks and indexes all changes
  • notifications via email, rss & ical
  • ajax, comet & drag and drop
  • translated to 14 languages

For something extremely simple with regard to logging data, try daytum.com.

It's dead simple when it comes to tracking single pieces of data. For example, you might have a page called "hours worked". Entering data is as simple as:

Client A: 4
Client B: .5

It will aggregate the data into various types of displays and is easily exportable to CSV. Although you can add "categories" to your entries, it's doesn't expand beyond simple data capture (if, for example, you wanted to add a detailed description to each entry, this probably wouldn't be the app for you).

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