I'm using Gmail, Google Reader, calendar, Picasaweb and other services.

I've decide to change my Google ID. And I am moving Gmail data first (via POP3), but it is a very hard job. I'm afraid to move other services' data. Does Google supports migrating from one account to another?


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It is not currently possible to merge Google accounts, but it can be done on a per product basis. Otherwise, you will need to find workarounds that are not official Google protocol.


I don't believe it's currently possible to transfer Picasa-web contents: your only option would be to use Takeout to download the contents, and then re-upload them. This would, of course, change the URLs of all your photos.

  • Updating this one year later: I believe it is now possible to transfer album ownership. However I have yet to investigate the impacts of Google's shift toward using Photos+ instead of PWA whenever possible. Commented Mar 7, 2013 at 15:53

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