On Flickr, while browsing my photostream, I can click "Add this photo to your map!" to add location information to a photo. The "Add this photo to your map!" input field then allows locations to be entered by name, or by scrolling around on a map.

How can I enter a location directly via latitude and longitude?

Entering text like "51.7991 N 10.6156 E" does not work.

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It looks like you are entering the coordinates in the wrong format.

These are valid formats for coordinates:

  • 37.794721, -122.401388
  • 37°47'41"N, 122°24'05"W
  • 37°47'41", -122°24'05"
  • 37°47.6833', -122°24.0833'
  • geo:lat=37.794721 geo:lon=-122.401388

Or you can search for addresses or landmarks, the more specific the better. These are good:

  • 475 Sansome St, San Francisco
  • 101 Oxford Street, London
  • The London Eye

And these are bad:

  • The West End, London
  • Adelaide, Australia
  • France

Taken from this Flickr article on Geo Formats

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