When I add a member to a Trello board, the UI pops up a list of possible choices. This list includes people who have accepted the invitation I have previously sent for other Trello boards.

If I choose a user from this list, do they get an invitation email or are they just automatically added to the board without waiting for a response from an invitation email?

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If the user is in the same organization as you and the board is part of that organization, you can automatically add them to the board:

  1. Click the Add Members button and they will be listed under the current members section.
  2. Click a user and select Add to board.
  3. They will get added immediately, without going through the email / accept process.

There's more information about it on our blog: Improving Organizations: Adding Members and Self-Join

If they are not in the same organization, you will have to go through the normal invite process.


They are still sent an invitation email to join your new board, even if you've already asked them to join you on a different board.

Before they can join the new board, they will have to accept the invite. They are not automatically added.

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