Is it possible to limit the search to specific site using DDG? Much like site:*.co.uk on Google.


Yes you can - it is the same syntax.

Site search:

  • You can add site:domain to your search to restrict the results to a particular domain, e.g. duckduckgo site:gabrielweinberg.com.
  • Click the site icons next to the results (on the left) to do a site search for the domain related to that result. You can also do the same by clicking the 'More results' link to the right of the URL line for a given result.

Extracted from this DuckDuckGo article

You can use the "bangs" functionality and directly search most major sites.

Or you can type in a command like !amazon bags, which will take you to Amazon.com and auto-search it for 'bags'.

We call these commands !bangs, and this syntax works for 100s of sites:

  • Most big sites work, e.g. !youtube (see full list below)
  • Most generic keywords work too, e.g. !images
  • There are also shorter versions, e.g. !g (google) !i (images) !yt (youtube)
  • !ducky or '! ' or '\' will take you to the first result.
  • !safeoff will run a search with safe search off.

See this DuckDuckGo article for more information on how the "bangs" functionality works.

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