I have quite a few events in my Google Calendar and they are all set to Default privacy.

My Google Calendar sharing preferences is currently set to "Show free/busy only":


But I would like to change this to "see all event details", and change all of the existing events from "Default" privacy to "Private" - so that all new events I create will be public - but existing events are private.


How can I change the privacy setting for all existing events to Private without having to change them one at a time? I have looked at the Google Calendar webpage and also in iCal and have not found an option in either, and actually in iCal I don't think there are any privacy settings that show up at all.

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I could not find a way to do this through the web interface. However, it is fairly straight forward if you download the ICS file, remove all lines which begin with "PRIVACY:", and upload it as a new calendar.

e.g. grep -v ^CLASS: old.ics > new.ics


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