Is it no longer possible to upload a custom thumbnail for your YouTube videos using the new YouTube "info and settings" panel in the video manager? I read articles saying click the "Upload thumbnail" button, but I see no such button (see screenshot):

Youtube Video Settings

  • no, you cannot ASAIK.
    – HackToHell
    Commented Feb 29, 2012 at 15:35

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Regular user accounts are unable to upload custom thumbnails for their videos, however, Youtube partners are able to upload their own custom thumbnails.

However, doing a little searching apparently there's a grey-hat way to do this for non-partner, but there's a pretty big risk in using this method since Youtube could ban your account: Custom Thumbnail for Non-Partners


edit your videos.

when i want to have my desire thumbnail. go to that frame that YouTube select it from half of my video. and edit it.

replace 5 second before and after (of above frame that YouTube select) that video , with your desired frame. with softwares like : adobe captivate , adobe premier , Camtasia studio

this frame found about 50 % of your video that you can select it with progress bar about half of your video.

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