Is there a good alternative to Prezi, besides Google Docs, for slide-based presentations?

I've come across impress.js and I think it's awesome, but there's no way I can recommend that to a regular user.

Related: how come nobody has made a GUI available for it yet?

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you can try JessyInk - which is now part of Inkscape (opensource). There is an comparison or Prezi vs. JessyInk. You can try their showcase presentation - I put a copy of it on my Dropbox here.

In discussion they also mentioned Sozi (also opensource) but I did not try it. :-)


Note that slideshare is using HTML5 to display presentations. That means you will need another tool to make presentations in ppt/pdf.

  • I'm +1 this cause it's a great product. Not a great alternative to prezi, though. – Nacho Dec 9 '12 at 19:25

This might suit your needs: https://github.com/tantaman/Strut It's an authoring tool for impress.js. I'd say it's almost there. Not ready for production yet, but decide for yourself : )


After some time, I'm glad to answer my own question.

Rvl.io (based on reveal.js) has been launched a few weeks ago and it's great.

[UPDATE] rvl.io is now slid.es


The big(gest?) alternative to Prezi is SlideRocket, which is Flash-based (and I think an HTML5 player for non-Flash platforms), but it doesn't support a lot of the creative effects that you can do in Prezi, it's a lot more similar to Powerpoint.


There is another alternative which allows you to build animated presentations: PowToon

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