How long after I submit a piece of spam to SpamCop.net before it gets added to the blacklist? I've been submitting mail here. but I can't seem to find anything about the process.

  • Does the spammer have a chance to reply before they get added to the black list?
  • Does it generally take hours, days, weeks or months?

I've just been sending a bunch of spam messages to SpamCop and I'm wondering what the process looks like up until the point that the sender gets blacklisted.


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There is no hard-and-fast rule of when it gets added to the blacklist.

SpamCop uses a complicated, intentionally obscure weighting system (details in SpamCop FAQ item "What is on the list?" Briefly (and oversimplifying), your report(s) alone will not result in a spam source to be added to the list, it takes others to report, as well, and the spam reports must exceed a level which (if I understand correctly) is proportional to the total volume of mail sent from the outgoing e-mail host.

The list is entirely automatic and the spammer will not have a chance to reply before being added.

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