I'm trying to find the option that allows me to un-follow my Facebook friends on Pinterest. At the place where I would logically conclude an "unfollow" button would show up, I'm greeted only with a greyed-out "Following."

Below screenshot taken from the /invites/facebook URI, where you can expand your already subscribed friends.

List of people following

Is there a way to un-follow people on Pinterest?

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Pinterest is tricky with this.

Use the following link http://pinterest.com/<yourUsername>/following/

The way the un-follow button works is a tad decieving but it works

Looks Disabled

It looks disabled even on rollover, but clicking it does indeed un-follow a user.

  • Thanks, this worked. You're quite right that the button is a bit hidden and definitely appears to be disabled. They really don't want you to stop following people I guess! Commented Mar 5, 2012 at 19:58

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