Whenever I make any comments in a Facebook group or do any activity in a particular group, all my friends get notifications for that update, even if they are not part of that group. How can I stop my updates from them?

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The group needs to be private (closed or secret), otherwise they publish updates.

Something you can do, which I know isn't ideal, is to delete from your time-line the publication of the group update. Of course, if one of your friends just refreshed his stream before you got a chance to delete it, they might see it but it's better than nothing.

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    The group options are open, closed, and secret. Your posts to open groups are seen by your friends, but not posts to closed or secret groups unless the friend is a group member. With a secret group your friends won't even see that the group exists.
    – mark4o
    Mar 6, 2012 at 21:17

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