So, Double Fine's Kickstarter effort is about to come to a spectacular end.

While they clearly do not need my help, I have been trying to fund the project. Kickstarter uses Amazon Payments to process transactions, and the final step of checkout shoots you over to their site:

screen shot

However, having logged into my amazon.com account, I get redirected to a page reading: "This functionality has been disabled for your account. Please contact-us to know more."

If I try to create a new amazon.com user at https://payments.amazon.com, the 'Country' field is locked to 'United States' and can't be edited. It may be relevant that my Amazon account has my country as Australian, seeing as that's where I live.

Why will they not take my money?

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Problem solved, no thanks to the canned response I got from Amazon.

I had to create a new Amazon.com account (rather than a new Amazon Payments account, as the canned response told me to), then use that to sign into Amazon Payments.


In this case it isn't Kickstarter's fault but rather Amazon Payments requirements that a bank based in the US is used to fund accounts. Reading through their User Agreement I found no reference to the ability to create an account outside of the United States.

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