When setting a due date, what is the time zone for which you are setting it? Is it possible for each user to have their own time zone so that when a team member in one zone sets a deadline the correct date/time is reflected for all other users on the team?

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Trello stores the due dates in UTC, however it displays (and interprets) due dates in your local timezone (i.e. whatever your OS/Browser are set to), so the due date will be correct for your entire team, no matter what time zone they're in.

Here's an example of how this would work:

Suppose you are in New York, and you set the Due Date for the "Finish the slides for the presentation" card to 4:00 PM EDT, so they'll be ready for a 4:00 PM meeting.

New York is using EDT (UTC-4), so Trello will interpret (and store) that 4:00PM as 8:00 PM UTC.
(8:00 PM UTC - 4 hours = 4:00 PM EDT)

If the person responsible for finishing the slides is in California, which is using PDT (UTC-7) then when Trello displays the card for them, the due date will appear as 1:00 PM PDT.
(8:00 PM UTC - 7 hours = 1:00 PM PDT)

If they finish the slides at 12:55PM PDT (5 minutes before the deadline) and email them to you, and it takes the email 1 minute to arrive in your inbox, you'll see it arrive at 3:56 PM EDT, just in time!

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    Except there appears to be no way to specify the timezone I want when I set the due date. So if I'm in Sydney and I want the due date to be PDT at 8am I have to calculate what that is in Sydney time myself and use the calculated time. Painful.
    – harrism
    Commented Apr 10, 2017 at 3:42

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