How do I delete my Skype billing agreement on PayPal?

I wanted to delete the PayPal payment method from my Skype account, but I've been told to delete the agreement on PayPal.

However, I can't find such option on the PayPal website.


Log on PayPal → My Profile → My Money → My pre-approved payments → Update → Select Skype on Merchant List → Cancel.

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    -1 when you log on to PayPal there is no [any longer] "My Profile" option – Geo Oct 16 '15 at 17:48
  • This answer is no longer valid – user3751385 Mar 23 at 12:50

I believe one place that can be found is under Profile -> More Options -> My Preapproved Payments -> Update. There may be places too.

Clear as mud, eh?

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    FWIW, I didn't know these things even existed until Skype surprised me by taking money out of my PayPal. Skype also starts the automatic billing unless you opt out every time you add money, even if you already cancelled the "agreement" once, so be careful. – Reid Mar 21 '12 at 18:58

Just did this and I am sure it has changed. Go to the individual transaction in Activity, click on Transaction Details. From there click on View Billing Agreement. There you will find the Cancel option.

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  • It has changed. Paypal does their best to make canceling subscriptions to Skype impossible. – user3751385 Mar 23 at 12:51

03-23-2020 Paypal Version

Direct Link

Menu Cog Icon -> Account Settings -> Website Payments -> My Automatic Payments -> My preapproved payments


  • "Website Payments" is under "Products and Services" on the Account Settings screen
  • "My preapproved payments" is a hyperlink on the "Website Payments" screen, rather than a menu option. You'll have to look closely for it.

PayPal intentionally makes this difficult. Cancel your Paypal account.

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I've found out how. I went to see my payments history on the PayPal website, and clicked on the Skype row. You'll see the option to delete the Skype deal.

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Here's an updated answer based on the new platform.

Click on My Account and then History submenu. On the top of the list locate More Filters, go down to Subscriptions and Agreements and then you'll have Billing Agreements.

For some reason it doesn't show my Skype one but I basically just agreed to it so maybe that's why.

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  • Not any more. There is no My Account. – Tuntable May 20 '19 at 4:22

The instructions (Re: History, More filters - Subscriptions and agreements) worked well with the new Skype layout. All that was left in order to find Skype Billing Agreements was to change the search dates to further back. Then I went into Skype and to view the agreement and cancelled it. Hope it works. Will see once my balance goes under $10.

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Paypal.com > Cog (Settings) > My Pre-approved payments > Skype > Cancel

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  • Not any more. I am still looking... – Tuntable May 20 '19 at 4:21
  1. Go to paypal.com
  2. Select the payment you want to cancel
  3. Click Detail
  4. Click View Billing Agreement Details
  5. Click Cancel
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  • Aint no such detail to click any more. – Tuntable May 20 '19 at 4:23

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