I would like to bring up something I or somebody else has shared on Google+ months ago. It is time consuming to just scroll down and down and down, clicking more and more.

Can I just jump to a particular date instantly?

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Google Plus supports advanced search terms:

As for your question, here's an example:

Note you can join phrases with AND, OR & NOT to refine better your search:


You can refine your search to include multiple queries or exclude certain terms by using logic operators. Enter these operators in all capital letters.

Tip: You can search for multiple operators without use of the word "AND." You can also replace "NOT" with a minus sign.

More possible phrases:

  • in/community/collection
  • from:me/from:userid
  • has:video/has:attachment
  • commenter:...
  • mention:...

Read more on Search in Google+

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