I have a timeline profile on Facebook.

  1. I want to hide it completely from any search results. Maybe show it only to people to whom I give direct link.

  2. I don't want my friends to see the mutual friends we have got.

I think (1) is possible and I saw (2) is possible

How would it be possible to achieve this?

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You cannot hide your Facebook completely from search results, you can limit who can find you by your phone number or email address.


Your name, gender, username, and user ID (account number), along with your profile picture, cover photo, and networks (if you choose to add these) are available to anyone. This is because this information is essential to helping you connect with your friends and family.

To limits who can see your friends go to http://www.facebook.com/<yourusername>/friends click Edit and change to "Only Me", but there are still issues see more at How to hide Mutual Friends from others on Facebook ?

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