From what I understand, the Tumblr buttons at the top right of any Tumblr site are auto-inserted via iFrame. This means I cannot directly delete these buttons by editing the HTML. But I want them gone. I don't want my website to be an advertisement for the blogging platform.

How can I remove the "Follow" (or "Unfollow") and "Join Tumblr" (or "Dashboard" + Mail) buttons from my site?

  1. Go to your blog

  2. Click "Customize" in the upper left

  3. Deselect "Promote Tumblr!"

  • YES very very helpful!!! Thank you so so so so much! Merry Christmas!
    – user30809
    Dec 23 '12 at 11:39

This procedure has changed slightly since this was answered:

  1. In Tumblr Dashboard, click on the AccountEdit Appearance
  2. Click on Edit Theme button (same Customize)
  3. Scroll to the button and click Advanced Settings
  4. Uncheck Promote Tumblr!
  • Unfortunately, it seems to uncheck this option doesn't do the job anymore.
    – JorgeAmVF
    Apr 4 '18 at 13:30
  • Worked for me! Should be the accepted answer now! May 30 '18 at 7:20

I'm not sure why, but the simpler procedure other answers explain didn't work in my case.

Following this other answer, I had to inspect the page and find the first appearance of an iframe below the body of the page then take the full class and set it to display: none.

Here is the CSS code that worked for me on PC using the default Tumblr theme and not logged:

.tmblr-iframe-compact .tmblr-iframe--unified-controls {display:none!important;}

You can find the custom CSS recipient on the "Advanced options" menu.

Additionally, I had to add this other piece of code to make it work on Android:

tumblr_controls, .tmblr-iframe{display:none!important;}

Pay attention because you might not find an easy way to edit your theme anymore, but you can still find the panel by just clikcing on your blog from the dashboard or directly at www.tumblr.com/customize/[yourblog].

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