I have Cox email. I need to send a very large attachment (14MB). Upon trying to send the message with the attachment, I get a return message that says the message is too large. Is it possible to switch to Gmail to send the large message? Please assist me. I am not very computer savy.

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    First step to computers: Please do not post personal information on the internet, we can assist without it.
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    Apr 4, 2012 at 5:25
  • To create a Gmail account, follow the steps from here: accounts.google.com/SignUp?service=mail
    – Alex
    Apr 4, 2012 at 6:36

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GMail allows attachments of up to 25MB (see this link)

If sending still fails, make sure that the recipient can also receive large attachments.


You can use Gmail to send it. Gmail's maximum attachment size is 25 MB. Enrolling in Gmail is quite straight forward.

Go to http://gmail.com. Click the red Create Button and follow the 3 simple steps.

Then click the gear icon Gear in the upper-right, select Settings and select the Accounts and Import tab

In the Check mail using POP3 section, click Add POP3 email account.

Enter your COX email address then click Next Step.

Gmail will populate sample settings for the server name and port. Please use these instead

Server: pop.cox.net Port: 110

Enter your Password.

Do check Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server

Click Add Account.

Once your account has been added successfully, you'll have the option of setting it as a custom From address. This allows you to compose messages in Gmail, but have them appear to be sent from your other email account. Click Yes to set up a custom From address. (See below for more information)

Go back to http://gmail.com (if you logged out, sign back in)

Click the gear icon Gearin the upper-right, select Settings and select the Accounts and Import tab

Under Send mail as, click Add another email address.

In the 'Email address' field, enter your name and COX email address.

Choose to use Gmail's servers to send your mail

Click Next Step >> and then click Send Verification. Gmail will send a verification message to your COX email address to confirm that you own it.

Open your COX email account and either click the link in the message Gmail sent or enter the confirmation code in the Accounts section of your Gmail settings.

There are also some options for attachments larger than 25 MBs at How to send big files via email?


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