I just found out if you type j when watching a YouTube video, it lapses back about 10-20 seconds, depending on the video, I think.

What are the keyboard shortcuts when using YouTube?

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It's at the bottom of the Screen reader support page:

Keyboard shortcut           Function
O                           To jump to the beginning of the flash player

Spacebar                    Play/Pause when the seek bar is selected.
                            Activate a button if a button has focus

Play/Pause Media Key
on keyboards                Play / Pause

Stop Media Key
on keyboards                Stop

Next Track Media Key
on keyboards                Moves to the next track in a play/list

Left/Right arrow on
the seek bar                Seek backward/forward 5 seconds

arrow on the seek bar       Seek backward/forward 10 seconds

Home/End on the seek bar    Seek to the beginning/last seconds of the video

Up/Down arrow on the
seek bar                    Increase/Decrease volume 5%

Numbers 1 to 9
(not on the numeric pad)
on the seek bar             Seek to the 10% to 90% of the video

Number 0
(not on the numeric pad)
on the seek bar             Seek to the beginning of the video

Indeed it's very hard to find. They ought to make a dedicated page for this.

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In addition to Zom-B's answer,

Keyboard shortcut           Function
J                           10 seconds backwards
K                           Pause / Play
L                           10 seconds forward



In addition to other answers:

Keyboard shortcut           Function
M                           Mute / Unmute
Keyboard shortcut           Function
F                           full screen
Keyboard shortcut           Function
<                           Slower (3 levels)
>                           Speed up (3 levels)
Keyboard shortcut           Function
Pause then Left/Right       Framestep

Press ? or shift + ? for a list of keyboard shortcuts (may only be on html5)

  • Does the ? trick actually work on YouTube at all? Commented Apr 13, 2015 at 8:50
  • @VidarS.Ramdal I tried in chrome, and it's shift + ?, not just ? Commented Sep 28, 2018 at 18:45

In addition to other answers:

Keyboard shortcut           Function
Left followed by Up         Snake game :o)
  • Simply pressing up does not work. I believe it does work if you press any combination of left/right and then up/down. Commented Jan 11, 2013 at 23:00
Keyboard shortcut           Function
Shift+N                     Next video
Shift+P                     Previous video

Jumps to the next or previous video in a playlist. On a single video, Shift+N will play the next suggested video.


Note: These shortcuts will only work when the video player is in focus. To move the focus try pressing the spacebar to pause and then play the video.

  • Toggle play/pause the video
    • k or Spacebar
  • Go back 5 seconds
    • Left arrow
  • Go back 10 seconds
    • j
  • Go forward 5 seconds
    • Right arrow
  • Go forward 10 seconds
    • l
  • Skip to a particular section of the video (e.g., 5 goes to the video midpoint)
    • Numbers 1-9 (not the keypad numbers)
  • Restart video
    • 0 (not the keypad number)
  • Go to Full Screen mode
    • f
  • Exit Full Screen mode
    • Escape
  • Go to beginning of video
    • Home
  • Go to end of video
    • End
  • Increase volume 5%
    • Up arrow
  • Decrease volume 5%
    • Down arrow
  • Increase speed
    • Shift+> (may not work in all browsers) or Shift+. (period)
  • Decrease speed
    • Shift+< (may not work in all browsers) or Shift+, (comma)
  • Move forward 1 frame when video is paused
    • . (period)
  • Move backward 1 frame when video is paused
    • , (comma)
  • Mute/unmute video
    • m
  • Turn captions on/off
    • c
  • Cycle through options for caption background color
    • b
  • Move to the previous video in a playlist
    • Shift+p
  • Move to the next video in a playlist
    • Shift+n

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