I'm asking this because I receive a lot of friend requests everyday, but I know that there's a moment in which if someone clicks on your "add as friend" a pop-up will appear saying something like "Sorry. This person has already a lot of pending requests".

So I want to know the limit of pending requests I can receive before the next person who adds me will see that "sorry" message.


There's only the limit of having 5,000 friends and the unknown limit of friend requests you can send. The former is there because nobody can have so many active connections (if you're a public person wanting to be in touch with your fan base, you should use a Page not a profile). The latter is there to prevent spam and it's unknown for that reason.

  • I see, but there must be a limit anyway, since it happened to me twice; when I found on FB the Profile of a magazine, I sent them a friend request and the message appeared saying this person has reached a maximum quantity of pending friend requests. – JuanPa Apr 19 '12 at 7:00

You can have approximately 1,000 friend requests before it says that.

I've reached that limit multiple times.


5000 friends is maximum. Attend to those pending requests first.

  • Can you document this information? – ale Jun 25 '13 at 23:55

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