I often have large chunks of text (like code or some data) that I want to do a diff on but am too lazy to create two new files, run diff on them both, and then scan the output.

Are there any good web apps that show you diffs?

What about ones specifically for code?

Or ones that do it completely in-browser to respect your privacy?

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Quick Diff Online Tool

  • Gives time outs for larger files
    – Jules
    Nov 6, 2013 at 0:44

I made my own utility for this purpose, JavaScript Client Side Diff Tool which uses jsdifflib.

The main advantage is that it's all JavaScript client code so none of your data is sent across the Internet.


Best online tool I know of: http://www.diffchecker.com/ But I prefer using offline tools as online tools get slow with very large pieces of text.

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