I was doing math homework and wanted to find out what means, so I entered the symbol in Google Search.

However, I got no search results. How can I use Google to find out what symbols mean?


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Wikipedia often has lovely tables you can find. I simply searched table of math symbols and I got to this page: List of Mathematical Symbols

I then took the symbol and hit Ctrl + F and entered in the symbol () and I was taken right to the symbol.

  • No problem! Wikipedia is very helpful! Commented Apr 28, 2012 at 4:06

SymbolHound also helps.

It got me an answer when I wanted to know what => means in Scala language. But your particular query got useless results.


From mathematical symbols - as in the question, Detexify might sometimes help.

This website tries to get LaTeX syntax from the given symbol. This is certainly not the same as having the name of the symbol, but knowing the "LaTeX-name" can help to find other sources saying something about that symbol or using it.

The site is rather popular, it was mentioned many times in Stack Exchange posts. For example:

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