I work with a non profit organization putting on a marathon-style event where each competitor is raising her own donations, but it's all reaching one goal.

Would like to find a web based system where the donor can select a competitor to donate to and track/compare donations for each individual but all donations funnel into one account. Bonus if it can accept pledge-style donations (ie: $1/mile to be collected after race).

I'm a big fan of ChipIn but that collects all for one cause and doesn't track an individual's goals/amount raised (in fact the donor can't even specify in a note who they'd like to support).


The one I've seen most used is JustGiving - that allows goal tracking etc from what I've seen... but it's UK-only I think.

If you're looking for a US-based site, they have a partner site called FirstGiving which offers the same features.

One key thing about them both is that they track donations and give directly to a charity... so the charity has to be registered on their site.

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  • JustGiving is pretty much the market leader in the UK, so it's probably worth giving FirstGiving a look. – Jon Hadley Jul 9 '10 at 8:06

Have used Every Day Hero in the past. Reliable in my experience; Easy to link to FaceBook etc; Has a goal indicator; Customisable backgrounds; Supporters can leave a message or remain anonymous; emails receipts to supporter's email address for tax deductable donations.

Example page

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Movember has a really good system - looks like it will do 100% of what you want, but alas, does not seem to be clear what they're using, or if it was developed specifically for the one cause.

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