I am making an experimental mobile app which opens a browser in which I can detect when HTTP requests are made and extract the URL.

I would like to find the latitude / longitude of a location by targeting it on a map. However, the challenge is that the map application has to make a generic HTTP (GET) request whenever the locations changes so I can extract the latitude and longitude from the URL.

So far, I have tried these apps:

But I am not satisfied, because you have to click on either a link or a button to get the actual latitude and longitude which is a bit cumbersome. Also, they are not optimized for mobile devices.

Are there any other (hopefully more suitable) alternatives I should check out?

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GeoLocation is an interesting field see this link which lists some popular options for you. For full code to know the latitude and longitude see this link, the link use Google API, However you can get similar results for other alternatives.

One more thing practical experiments say that Yahoo's results are more accurate sometimes. I can post full code for using Yahoo API, but first you test the Google code.. and tell your progress.. Best Wishes,


I solved the problem by using Google Maps (Geolocation) API instead of finding an app.

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