I am working on a web app for which I have to fetch RSS feeds for a specific website. Initially I was using Yahoo pipes but later on I found Yahoo pipes can not filter feeds as per categories.

So instead, searched for how to get specific tag/category based feeds and found;

For example: the URL for any posts tagged with WordPress on this site is:

http:// thedeadone.net/tag/wordpress/

The non-fancy-permalink version would be:

http:// thedeadone.net/?tag=wordpress

Now, to get an RSS feed for that tag you change the URL like this for fancy permalinks:

http:// thedeadone.net/tag/wordpress/feed

Change the non-fancy permalink like this:

http:// thedeadone.net/?tag=wordpress&feed=rss2

Now, the problem is that it gives category based feeds just for WordPress. The feed I have, I do not even know how can I check if the feed is of WordPress CMS or some other. And if it is of some other, how can I get the category based feed?

For example this feed; I do not know how to get category based feeds from this page.

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The categorized RSS feed links might differ from site to site, CMS to CMS. For the given website, I did a quick google search for filetype:xml site:atvn.org(click it). It seems they have feed links like this -



From the search results, this site seems to be running on Drupal. You can check Drupal's RSS feed mechanisms. Some examples here, more you can search.

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