I run a multi-author baseball website (powered by WordPress). The website is set up to automatically post all new blog posts to the website's Facebook page (Add link to Facebook plugin) and automatically tweet the post to the website's Twitter account (YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter).

I have also set up automatic posting of my own articles to my personal Facebook profile and Twitter account with ifttt.com.

The next think I am looking for is, how can I automatically "Like" all posts that are not mine on my personal Facebook profile?

  • I am amused when someone down-votes a question simply because they don't know the answer... I've talked with a ton of people outside the SE community who thought this was a great question and by the views, people are obviously searching for the same thing. Mar 21, 2013 at 16:50

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You might be able to do this to some extent using the Facebook API but not as an end user. It is not possible and the full solution is not within the scope of Web Applications.

Consider reading more about using the API at http://graph.facebook.com or http://facebook.stackoverflow.com

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